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Veggie Burgers are Nutritious and Healthy

We summarize the nutrition and health benefits of Veggie Burgers

Health benefits of Veggie Burgers

For those of us who can’t resist a good burger now and again with a side of curly fries, there comes a point in our lives when we look in the mirror and realize that our eating habits catch up with us. I personally am not one to judge those who enjoy eating meat, we have eaten it since our dawn. However, with modern times come modern choices. Healthier alternatives now seek to merge their way into our daily diets. Americans, especially, are in dire need of healthier choices. That is the role of the veggie burger. It is simple, delicious, and a healthier alternative to meat patties.

The patty consists of a variety of ingredients such as soy protein, a vegetable mix, a bit of dairy, eggs and legumes depending on the patty, product, or restaurant you may order from. It is quite popular in places like India. Many chain restaurants in Europe, such as McDonalds serve veggie burgers as a menu option.

            Not long ago I went to a Red Robin in my local mall and decided to try their veggie burger. It was plump, juicy, and to be quite honest, I did not care it was not regular meat as I was enjoying my meal.  It had similar consistency to that of a regular patty and left me full long afterward. As a person who was a lifelong meat eater, I must say, the tofu alternative is worth giving a fair try. I am not asking anyone to completely abandon meat, but expand the horizon of food choices to opt for a healthier alternative.

            The veggie burger bridges the gap between the vegan diet and the all American diet. It becomes a stepping stone of sorts for stubborn carnivores who may wish to turn over a new leaf, and possibly eat it as well.

Below are some practical, nutritious veggie burgers you can make at home.

Here is an excellent video presentation on the recipe and making of a mushroom veggie burger. 



For an effective recipe for making a delicious, nutritious veggie burger at home, the instructions provided in the video below, by the "DIY BBQ" team, have created a winning product, in our estimation.


Here is an Indian twist to making a veggie burger: